Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maths T1 finished!

Yeah! Done with maths T1. One down, two to go.

Right now, I don't know what to feel. I'm happy yet unhappy. How paradoxical. Pfttt.

I'm happy because...

This is the first time I actually know how to do most of the questions in a maths T1 test! Before this, when I looked at the paper, I didn't even know what I was supposed to do. Pathetic.. Ok, maybe I did have a slight inkling on what to do, but just enough to prevent me from getting an egg.

And this is the first time I was feeling on a roll during the test. No more aimlessly blinking down on my paper and trying to work out something non-existent on my answer sheet. I'm confident in getting those marks (update: Not really feeling confident now. Just feeling blank. I'm careless by nature, so I really hope I kept my carelessness to a minimum during the test).

Not bad considering that I only studied "intensively" (not really lah) for 2 days. I just did 3 sets of papers and during the past 2 days and I'm surprised maths is surprisingly easy if you put your heart to it. But I don't think that 2 days is enough for an A. I mean, you know how lazy I've been. Studying what takes a year in 2 days is quite an accomplishment. And I'm not a monk.

Okay. Finished self-praising *ahem*

But, but seriously, this is the only paper that I've ever taken in my whole form 6 that I really know how to do. Let's just hope that the results show it.

Of course there were 2 or 3 questions in which part of it I did not know how to do. But compared to previous maths T1 papers in which I totally left out 5 to 6 questions, and gave up on a few parts of another 3 to 4 questions, this paper is a stark improvement for me.

And now on to why I'm unhappy...

I left out the last question because there wasn't enough time! And that question carried a helluva lot of marks! But after handing my paper, I found out that the last question was peanuts! The first part of that question carried 6 marks! 6 free marks! So goddamn easy but I didn't do it just because I didn't even bother looking at that question! *smacks head*

Aargh! Another factor was that I didn't have any more answer sheets so I couldn't even do a final, last push scribble for that question. It would be stupid to be asking for more blank papers 3 minutes before time up. I'd have to wave my hand and wait for the examiner to spot me, and then slowly walk towards me. 1 minute gone like that lah.

And for those questions that I did manage to do, not all are going to be correct. Duh.

But still, now I'm optimistic in getting a CGPA of more than 3.33 for maths (update: just checked with my friend and found out that I actually lost a lot of marks. what is this, man! aiyo, I'll be very happy with a 3.00CGPA now. please lah gimme a 3.00 CGPA). 3.33 CGPA is damn low, I know. But considering that I'v never really studied in my whole form 6, that kind of CGPA would really boost my morale.

So I've got to work hard in maths T2 now that I've proven what 2 days and a few sets of papers can do to my maths T1 performance. Maths T2 is in approximately 5 and half days counting today. I'll have more time to prepare for this so-called "tougher" paper (why is maths T2 considered more difficult? Same what. Both also tough if you don't study, both also easy if you study and you're not stupid. I don't get it.)

Mission for the next 5 days: Do as many sets of T2 papers as possible!!!

Important self-note for T2: after being allowed to open the paper on exam day, immediately skim through the whole bloody paper so I don't miss out an easy peasy question at the back. Once bitten, twice shy! And! Ask for extra sheets of normal paper from the start so I don't panic at the end.

If I can pull off a high score in T2, my chances of getting A for my maths paper will skyrocket. Only thing is, they have this thing that if the first paper is easy, the second one will be tough. Oh, to hell with that. I'm not going to let it scare me.

I sorely need as high a CGPA as possible to cover my poor performance in chemistry.

Oh yeah. Talking about chemistry, I've got chem paper 1 as my last paper 2 days after T2. Paper 1 carries a small portion of marks compared to paper 2 but it's more detailed and leans towards calculation. I hope to collect as many marks as possible from this paper although I'm not feeling very optimistic about paper 1. I haven't seen past year questions on this paper yet.

Maybe I'll get a book complete with explanatory answers tomorrow. My timing on purchasing revision books is impeccable. But thank the sweet, sweet, sweeet lord that I'm assured of at least 9% from practical work a.k.a. paper 3 done throughout the school year. So that leaves me to collect 30% more from paper 1(got hope) and 2(no hope).

And to boost my mood for today, a simple "8 more days to go!" would suffice.

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  1. and in the end, everything might turns out fine and u get a full 4.0. haha...

    Anyway, why always get a new blog geh? :/