Monday, December 13, 2010

Another exam blue update

Slept at nearly 4am last night trying to cram up as much knowledge as I possibly can into that dangerously small space left in my brain. I woke up at 10.30 am. I wanted to wake up at 12pm lah. Why am I waking up so early considering the inhuman time I slept at last night?

I am now officially an owl. Who am I? I'm Owl-girl.

That was lame.

Now it's 3 something in the afternoon and I'm not studying yet. Actually, I planned to study for 1 hour before lunch. Only 20 minutes into my study session and my baby sister was crying and screaming for god-knows-why.

And there I was upstairs trying my very best to unravel the mysteries of probabilities while fighting the urge to kick my sister into the jungle opposite my house. I think I sprouted a fresh new batch of grey hair back there.

So not surprising that my morning study session lasted a little less than 30 minutes.

Point is, I don't do afternoon sessions. I just can't focus during that time. I guess it's the same for most of us. In the afternoons, we're not as alert as compared to morning and night times.

Thank the sweet lord that maths exam tomorrow starts at 2pm. So I still have time to do a few more last minute questions before being quarantined in the exam hall for 3 hours of pure bliss.

Update: It's now 5 something in the evening. Took an hour break from the computer and I'm back at it now.

Since I have nothing else better to do (actually I have. that is to study...duh. but I'm gonna save that for the owl in me later at night) and since I'm obsessed with food, I shall tell you what I had for lunch.

I had a bowl of instant noodles with tofu. Then I had several scoops of vanilla ice-cream with choco+fresh milk.

My sister is now in the process of baking a chocolate cake. She says her cake is going to taste better than mine. But I think not!

If I have the time, I shall post the picture of her very ugly cake here.

I'm not sticking to the topic at hand. So let me return to writing about exam blues.

Truth is, I'm sick of writing about exams already. I'm also sick of seeing other people update their facebook status on exams. So as the saying goes, "like attracts like." So I shall stop whining about exams before I turn into a naggy, old, unhappy woman.

But hey, there's only another 3 days to go! 3...more...days...

I'm going to update my facebook status now. So that's the end of this exam-blue post. And I promise, for the greatest good of all, that this post shall be the LAST of my exam-blue posts.

The next post will be in the next 3 days. That's when I'll be completely free from exams!

See you in 3 days time!

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