Friday, December 3, 2010

About life right now.

Hey! Me first post. Ok, let's get started.

It's 3.22 in the afternoon at the time I'm starting to write this. It's the rainy season so I'm kinda feeling chilly right now. Nice, cuz I'd choose cold, chilly afternoons over lazy, hot afternoons any day.

I'm feeling fidgety. I'm in the middle of STPM. I should be studying PA right now. But it's bo-ring. Very boring.

I've been doing maths instead although PA is on Monday, which means a day and a half from today. It's like I'm being forced into this "collect as many CGPA points as you can!" game that I'm not the slightest bit remotely interested in.

Maths is fine although I suck in it. And that's just because I'm pure lazy. But right now, with the first maths paper on the 6th, I don't have a choice but to study. But whatever it is, maths is like 10x more interesting than PA.

You know what? When you're living in a house that's always in "party" mode due to, I don't know, the sheer number of residents at home or maybe the very young age group prancing around the whole day, you'll find it a tad bit difficult to study. That's an understatement.

Cut the long story short, I can't wait till it's over and done with. 12 more days to go~ Woohoo!

Once this whole episode is over, I am sooo free! I'll have approximately 6 days to totally go crazy before leaving for Genting for my first ever job! And yes, I've never "worked" before and I'm looking forward to it.

Aaah...Which means I need to snap out of my day dreaming and start on the Dasar-Dasars of PA. Back to reality.

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